Curly Wolf

My first series of books was about this kid called Curly Wolf. Here is an introduction to the main characters. I’ve written three books in which I add new characters inspired by my friends.

Curly Wolf vol 1



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.Curly WolfCurly Wolf, raised by a single father, is a happy child. It doesn’t bother Curly Wolf that they can’t afford high tech gadgets, such as video games or computers; he says, “The secret to happiness is crayons, string, cardboard, and duct tape.” Curly Wolf considers himself an inventor and an explorer; imagination is what Curly Wolf is all about.

Curly Wolf's dogCurly Wolf’s dog, Winston, is his best friend. Winston is a willing companion to Curly Wolf’s adventures. Although Winston “talks” to Curly Wolf occasionally, he is a typical dog.

Curly Wolf's dadCurly Wolf’s dad adores his son and encourages him in all his adventures. A typical midlife example, he often reminiscences about the “olden” days and watches a lot of TV. Many times, he becomes “the butt of the joke.”

BinkyBinky, a new addition to the strip, recently moved into the neighborhood. She is very knowledgeable about technology and uses it comfortably. She is, however, easily caught up in Curly Wolf’s imaginative adventures.

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